Equity Sponsors


We will respond thoughtfully and promptly, endeavoring to support you through all phases of the investment process. We are pleased to provide support letters, term sheets and when helpful, a joint financing proposal including one of our senior lending partners for both the subordinated and senior debt.

Certainty to Close

We put a lot of thought into each financing proposal we issue, and pride ourselves on our track record of closing deals. Centerfield normally leverages a sponsor’s due diligence to manage costs and minimize execution risk.

Supportive Co-Investors

We are comfortable adjusting the level of our involvement in a portfolio company to meet the needs of the sponsor, co-investors, and the management team. We stand ready to assist our investment partners with introductions to our network of potential board members or key executives, strategic analysis and planning, search for add-on acquisition candidates and more.

Long-Term Partners

We are experienced investors who have successfully weathered several business cycles. Centerfield has a track record of supporting our portfolio companies and sponsors even during the most challenging periods.

To learn more about how we build partnerships with equity sponsors, please contact:

Troy Clark at (317) 268-8621 / troy@centerfieldcapital.com

Tye Stebbins at (317) 536-8652 / tye@centerfieldcapital.com