Our Portfolio

Centerfield has invested mezzanine debt and equity capital in 72 platforms companies since 2001.

A&D Environmental Services

A&D Environmental Services (High Point, NC) provided environmental waste cleaning and removal services to companies based in the southeastern United States.

Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy (Indianapolis, IN) was the leading independent provider of physical and occupational therapy services in Indiana prior to Centerfield’s exit.

Aero Systems Engineering

Aero Systems Engineering (St. Paul, MN) designed, constructed, and supplied test facilities, including wind tunnels and other aerodynamic test facilities, to aerospace companies, airlines, and other corporations.

Aerostar Global Logistics

Aerostar Global Logistics (Lombard, IL) is a full-service logistics solutions provider specializing in industries with a high-touch specialty handling requirement. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

Alpha Imaging

Alpha Imaging (Willoughby, OH) was a leading independent distributor of medical imaging equipment and supplies to the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States.

Automated Systems Design

Automated Systems Design (Alpharetta, GA) is a national provider of design, engineering and project management services specializing in IT, audio/visual and security system installations. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2016.

Backyard Products

Backyard Products (Monroe, MI) was a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of ready-to-assemble and installed wood-based storage buildings, playgrounds and other outdoor structures.

Banner Service Corporation

Banner Service Corporation (Carol Stream, IL) is a leading processor and distributor of metal bars for a diversified base of industrial and medical customers. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2012.

Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions (Howell, MI) is a leading provider of battery recycling services to corporations, governments, municipalities, and households. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2012.

Beacon Communications

Beacon Communications (Denver, CO) is a provider of communications, security, and A/V systems to healthcare, government, and construction markets.  Centerfield made its initial investment in 2015.

Bell Automotive Products

Bell Automotive Products (Scottsdale, AZ) was a designer, importer and marketer of high quality, value-priced accessory and convenience products in the do-it-yourself parts and accessories segment of the U.S. automotive aftermarket industry.


Bil-Jax (Archbold, OH) produced interior and exterior scaffolding, aerial lifts, event seating and staging products, elevating trailers, drywall lifts and carts, tool boxes, log splitters, and other construction related equipment.

BlueAlly Technology Solutions

BlueAlly (Cary, NC) is a leading provider of IT professional services and solutions. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

California Medical Evaluators

California Medical Evaluators (Los Angeles, CA) provides qualified and independent medical examination and medical expert services for the legal and insurance industries.  Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

Cargo Airport Services

Cargo Airport Services (New York, NY) was an international provider of import and export cargo handling services. CAS coordinated the process of transferring and releasing cargo between air carriers and ground transportation providers at major airports.

CE Rental

CE Rental (Raleigh, NC) is provider of event rental services serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

Clarion Healthcare

Clarion Healthcare (Boston, MA) is a provider of strategic consulting services to the bio tech and pharmaceutical industries. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

Coast Composites

Coast Composites (Irvine, CA) manufactured tooling systems used to fabricate composite parts for the defense, commercial aerospace and satellite industries.

Cosmic Pet

Cosmic Pet (Wichita, KS) is a multi-branded, international company that designs and manufactures pet products for cats and dogs. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2016.

D.S. Brown

The D.S. Brown Company (North Baltimore, OH) was a leading manufacturer of critical, specialty components for bridges, elevated roadways, highways, airfield pavement structures and other elements of the transportation infrastructure.

DCL Medical Laboratories

DCL (Indianapolis, IN) was an independent clinical laboratory operating in anatomic pathology prior to Centerfield’s exit. The services offered by the company included commercial laboratory services, hospital pathology services and pharmaceutical studies.

Dedicated Transport

Dedicated Transport (Cleveland, OH) provided contract-based, transportation logistics management and private fleet management services to manufacturing and distribution companies.

Digital Media Services

Digital Media Services (New York, NY) is a provider of video post-production services, including video content processing and distribution services. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2012.

Direct Marketing Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions (Portland, OR) is a vertically integrated provider of direct marketing services which develops and executes strategic direct marketing programs on behalf of Fortune 1000 companies. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2012.

Diversified Graphics

Diversified Graphics (Minneapolis, MN) provided commercial printing, distribution, fulfillment and social stationary services.

EastPoint Sports

EastPoint Sports (Succasunna, NJ) is a developer, importer, and marketer of indoor and outdoor recreational sporting goods. Centerfield made its initial investment in Wild Sports in 2017 and invested in EastPoint upon Wild Sport’s acquisition by EastPoint in 2019.


Prior to Centerfield’s exit, eGix (Indianapolis, IN) provided voice and data communications services to small and medium sized businesses.

EMPI, Inc.

EMPI, Inc. (Anaheim, CA) is a manufacturer and distributor of branded automotive aftermarket parts for vintage Volkswagen vehicles, modern VW vehicles and other vehicle brands. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Evriholder Products

Evriholder Products (Anaheim, CA) designed, developed and manufactured innovative consumer products for the kitchen, cleaning, storage, bath and personal care categories.

First Source

First Source (f/k/a Wythe Will Tzetzo) (Toano, VA) is a leading packager and distributor of confectionery products and specialty foods. The Company is a leading regional supplier of candy, confections and gourmet foods to grocers and retailers. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2011.

Flat River

Flat River Group (Belding, MI) is an eCommerce distributor, marketer and service provider focused on niche and mainstream consumer products. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2019.

Fresh Food Concepts

Fresh Food Concepts (Buena Vista, CA) was a leading national provider of branded and private label refrigerated salsas, dips and seafood salads.


FreshEdge (Indianapolis, IN) is a leading produce distributor in the Midwest, serving both grocery stores and foodservice. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

Full Tilt Performance

Full Tilt Performance (Jackson, MN) is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket parts for long-haul trucks. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2015.

Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel Performance Products (Ashtabula, OH) was a leading provider of specialty chemicals. Gabriel developed and manufactured a proprietary line of complex chemicals and provided contract manufacturing services to other chemical producers.

Heartland Steel Products

Heartland Steel Products (Oak Brook, IL) manufactures engineered structural steel platforms and mezzanine systems for warehousing and distribution facilities. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2016.

Hunter’s Specialties

Hunter’s Specialties (Cedar Rapids, IA) was a manufacturer and supplier of hunting accessories. The Company’s product lines included animal calls, odor elimination products, animal scents, camouflage related products, educational videos and archery supplies.


Imaginetics (Auburn, WA) is a manufacturer of complex precision airframe parts for leading commercial and military OEMs and Tier-I suppliers. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2012.

Indigo Wild, LLC

Indigo Wild, LLC (Kansas City, MO) is a manufacturer and distributor of bath, skin, home, and cleaning products. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Indo~European Foods

Indo~European Foods (Glendale, CA) sources, develops, markets and distributes a broad offering of genuine Eastern European, Mediterranean, North African and South Asian foods. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

Lakeview Cheese Products

Lakeview Cheese Products (Las Vegas, NV) is a value-added processor and distributor of quality branded and private label cheese products. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

Matilda Jane Clothing

Matilda Jane Clothing (Fort Wayne, IN) designed and manufactured a growing and popular brand of uniquely styled children’s clothing.


MicroMass (Raleigh, NC) provided communications solutions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies.

Midland Container

Midland Container (Franksville, WI) was a manufacturer of corrugated packaging and display products for the industrial and consumer packaging market.

Midwest Equipment Sales

Midwest Equipment Sales (Columbus, OH) is a marketer and distributor of consumer and industrial products. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

Millennium Custom Foods

Millennium Custom Foods (Arlington Heights, IL) manufactured frozen appetizers for the retail and food service markets.

National Gift Card

National Gift Card (Crystal Lake, IL) is a provider of B2B incentive, rewards, and loyalty program services and solutions focused on prepaid gift cards. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Pipp Mobile Storage Solutions

Pipp Mobile Storage Systems (Walker, MI) designed, manufactured and sold mobile storage and shelving products to retailers, manufacturers and commercial offices.


PowerWay’s (Indianapolis, IN) products provided a virtual workplace for engineering and quality departments of manufacturing companies to enable them to manage processes throughout the supply chain.

PRISM Plastics

Prism Plastics, Inc. (Chesterfield, MI), manufactured functional occupant restraint component parts and fuel system parts for major automotive manufacturers.

Pure Wafer

Pure Wafer, Inc. (San Jose, CA) is a provider of silicon wafer reclaiming services, test wafer manufacturing and other silicon wafer services. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Rice’s Honey

Rice’s Honey (Greeley, CO) is a producer and marketer of authentic, high quality raw and unfiltered honey. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2017.

RIO Brands

RIO Brands (Philadelphia, PA) was a leading supplier of outdoor furniture products including beach chairs, backpack chairs, umbrellas, carts, coolers, and patio furniture.

Roehm Marine

Roehm Marine (d/b/a Signature Seating) (Fort Wayne, IN) produced boat furniture and accessories which are sold to boat manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers.


SCT (Longwood, FL) was a leading provider of pre-programmed engine tuning devices and related accessories for the automotive aftermarket.

Shred All

Shred All (Des Moines, IA) provided mobile shredding services, primarily to commercial customers.

Silbond Corporation

Silbond (Weston, MI) was the world’s leading supplier of tetra ethyl ortho silicate (TEOS), a specialty chemical sold to an international customer base in the semiconductor, electronics, industrial protective coating, investment casting and chemical processing industries.

Ska Fabricating, Inc.

Ska Fabricating, Inc. (Durango, CO) designs, manufactures and distributes mission critical packaging equipment. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

Standard Locknut

Standard Locknut (Westfield, IN) was a manufacturer of specialized bearing accessories and also provides contract machining services.

Swiff-Train Company

Swiff-Train Company (Corpus Christi, TX) is one of the largest full-line suppliers and distributors of floor covering products in the country. The Company offers a broad range of hardwood, vinyl, carpet, ceramic, and laminate flooring products, as well as related flooring accessories. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2014.

Synergy IOM

Synergy IOM (Dallas, TX) is a provider of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IOM), or neuromonitoring for spinal, cranial and pain management surgical procedures. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.


TCI (Milwaukee, WI) is a leading developer and manufacturer of drive peripherals that conserve energy and improve the quality of power used in electrical motors with variable frequency drives. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2008.


Temp-Con, LLC (Olathe, KS) is a premier provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (“HVACR”) installations, maintenance and repair services in the greater Kansas City market. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Tenacore Holdings, Inc.

Tenacore (Santa Ana, CA) offers maintenance and repair services for medical devices and hospital equipment. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.


Thermafiber (Wabash, IN) was a leading producer of mineral wool insulation products for commercial and industrial applications including building construction, industrial applications and residential construction.


Transolutions (Lake Bluff, IL) provided medical transcription services to acute care facilities, hospitals, clinics and surgery centers.

Unix Packaging/WGP

Unix Packaging/WGP (Montebello, CA and Las Vegas, NV) is a contract manufacturer of third-party branded, private label and proprietary branded beverages. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2020.

Venture Technology Groups

Venture Technology Groups (Farmington Hills, MI) was a value-added distributor of fluid handling systems, measurement equipment, and communication devices which are critical to the operation and monitoring of production processes in industrial facilities.

Wellborn Forest

Wellborn Forest (Alexander City, AL) is a designer and manufacturer of semi-custom hardwood framed cabinets serving the single-family residential market. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2018.

Western Shelter
Western Shelter

Western Shelter (Eugene, OR) designs and manufactures shelters and support systems built to withstand harsh environments for military, emergency response, industrial and entertainment applications. Centerfield made its initial investment in 2019.


Woodmarc (Winterset, IA) manufactured and imported non-upholstered wood residential furniture.

Y-T Holdco

Young Oil Tools (Cushing, OK) designs and manufactures check valves and repair sleeves primarily for the oil and gas industry. Thorco Holdings (Tulsa, OK) is a distributor of pressure control devices, liquid level gauges, analyzers and control valves. Combined under the umbrella of Y-T Holdco, the companies are a leading provider of industrial valves.

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