Junior Capital

Flexible Approach And Holistic Solutions

Centerfield Capital provides tailored financing solutions for equity sponsors, independent sponsors, business owners, and management teams to effect leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, add-on acquisitions, and growth. We focus on small to medium sized businesses, investing debt and equity across a variety of industry verticals.


Our fund structure allows us to invest a flexible mix of debt and equity to meet the needs of each unique situation. While Centerfield is not a senior lender, we can solicit senior financing proposals from our Bank LP network who invest in our funds, effectively acting as a one-stop financing solution up and down the capital structure.

Our Partners

Equity Sponsors

We are proud of our many long-term partnerships with equity sponsors across the country.


We respond thoughtfully and promptly, endeavoring to support all phases of the investment process.


We pride ourselves on certainty to close, leveraging a sponsor’s due diligence to manage costs and minimize execution risk.


We can assist our investment partners with our network of executives, analytical resources, and business development capabilities.


We are experienced investors who have successfully weathered several business cycles, supporting our portfolio companies and sponsors even during challenging times.

Independent Sponsors

We were backing independent sponsors before the nomenclature existed. 

Partnership Approach

We seek to form close partnerships with investment professionals or operators who have a successful track record of managing and exiting investments. We look to our independent sponsor partners to lead all phases of the investment process, including post-close strategy implementation and interaction with management.

Holistic Financing Solution

Our fund structure maximizes flexibility. Along with our subordinated debt, we can provide sizable equity co-investments. We can offer a one-stop solution by soliciting senior financing proposals from our Bank LP network who invest in our funds.

Business Owners and Management

We invest debt and equity in non-control transactions, directly partnering with business owners and/or management teams seeking wealth diversification, a recapitalization, or growth capital. 

Non-Control, less Dilutive Capital

We do not want to operate or control your business, but rather provide supportive capital and our resources to achieve a well-defined vision for long-term value creation.

Transaction Types

  • Add-on acquisition
  • Debt recapitalization
  • Growth capital
  • Management buyout
  • Ownership consolidation
  • Shareholder liquidity event

Investment Criteria


  • $3 to $15 million
  • Margins generally > 10%

Company Characteristics

  • Experienced management
  • Positive industry trends
  • Stable and/or growing market
  • Stable and profitable growth
  • Strong market position
  • Sustainable margins

Industry Interests

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Value-added Distribution


  • United States

Transaction Types

Debt and equity, supporting:

  • Sponsor-led leveraged buyouts
  • Recapitalizations
  • Growth capital
  • Acquisition capital

Investment Size

  • $7 to $25 million, or larger with co-investment partners

Types of Investments

  • Subordinated debt
  • Common and preferred equity
  • One-stop financing solutions, partnering with our senior lender Bank LP network

Representative company characteristics, including financial figures, may differ than those depicted above.

We pay competitive fees to intermediaries who introduce us to situations that result in closed transactions.

To discuss new investment opportunities, please contact:

Troy Clark: troy@centerfieldcapital.com
Tye Stebbins: tye@centerfieldcapital.com