Trusted Partners And Inflexible Integrity

For over two decades, Centerfield has had an unwavering commitment to the lower middle market. We have invested through various economic cycles, remaining steadfast even during challenging times. On every transaction we deliver the totality of our resources, singularly focused on a team-based approach to driving winning outcomes.

our values

We are focused on supporting the long-term objectives of our investment partners and building lasting relationships. Our reputation is of critical importance. Centerfield has a 20+ year track record of being a trusted and ethical constituent, and we are proud to have achieved success while adhering to the highest professional standards.


Seasoned professionals with years of investing experience, our team is disciplined, thinks critically, and maintains humility. We provide candid feedback, communicate openly, exhibit patience, and focus on achieving long-term objectives to the benefit of all stakeholders.


The deal market is highly competitive. We expedite thoughtful feedback and deliverables. Our internal processes are geared to enable speed of execution and certainty to close.


Our team is honest and maintains an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. We are transparent, dependable, and loyal. We seek to partner with sponsors and business leaders aligned with these core principles.

Hard Work

We take pride in our drive to succeed, consistently applying the best of ourselves to the benefit of our investors and investment partners. There is simply no substitute for a can-do, will-do attitude and uncompromising work ethic.


We aim to leave a positive footprint across the communities and businesses we invest. Simply put, we strive to leave the world a little better off, one investment at a time. Centerfield is committed to responsible investment principles and considers sustainability risks during due diligence and when monitoring our investments post-transaction.


Our environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) policies and procedures create a framework to identify ESG-related risks that could be financially material and adversely impact the value of our investments. Proactively understanding and finding solutions to such risks, in all phases of the investment process, is integral to our fiduciary responsibilities.


Collaborate with sponsors, owners, and management teams who are aligned with our general approach to sustainability and strive to minimize environmental, public health, safety, and social risks.


Evaluate and exclude industries and specific companies which conflict with our internal guidelines for responsible investing.


Develop a risk analysis to identify material ESG factors that could adversely impact investment returns and/or the well-being of the communities we invest.


Establish ongoing expectations with regards to ESG transparency, disclosure, and reporting at the outset of each transaction, and maintain an open dialogue with our investment partners to rectify any ESG-related issues that develop post-close.